Monday, June 4, 2012

After Midnight

"Five decades later and so many things are the same. The names have changed and even some of the genders reversed. The patterns though … amazing. Shakespeare got a lot of it right. No wonder his work endures."

Strong feelings about specific laptops. What does it mean, if anything? And the expert actually used a somewhat familiar phrase in this context, 'you are over analyzing'. With so little specific information how could she/he know?

Emotions about clues revealed are, at the very least, yellow flags. Are they not? And strong feelings coming from an expert who does not yet know the context? Likely an inadvertent distraction. And a small probability of another clue. Wouldn't questions at the beginning about the unique circumstances of the individual situation be more appropriate than broad statements without context?

The regulations, though well-intentioned can have unintended consequences of considerable import.
Like the invention of the lie, there is exaggeration to stir the pot. 'Overwhelmed', a common description.

"But wait, just-in-time, a widely distributed article fills in some important detail ..."

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