Saturday, June 30, 2012


But why?
"Should we just accept corruption because it has been around so long? Seems particularly convenient for exploiters if we view it that way.

"An in-depth study, appropriately disclosed, seems in order.

"Subjects like 'above the law wealthy' likely contain instructive nuance. In an age of electronic connectivity, control often belongs to those intimately familiar with high frequency transaction methods.

Take our example. Clearly the corruption threshold is context dependent and may even vary with the distance from the center. If, say, a county, one value applies - changing to a national scope could dramatically alter it.

Fear of relevant information is a red flag in most people's opinion.

"A reasonable hope for classic check and balance methods is high performance parallelism? In other words, the coherent connectivity of very large community may be the the future successful offset of speed advantage exploitation."

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