Friday, June 22, 2012

Took the Fall

"Fascinating history really."

"So, what is the Chamber of Congress connection?"

"The seminal event appears to have occurred on or around April 22. Chamber connection is just reasonable suspicion based on hearsay. We have a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to the same place. Some of it quite strong."

"Discovering one or more motives will be helpful ... This one is the best so far ...", she pointed to the document.

One of the most interesting aspects of this unfolding case is the propensity of certain players to take credit for developing relevant leads. In that process, obscuring facts that would have been more easily acquired if the actual source were known to those seeking equitable resolution of the matter.

"It sounds like it could be interpreted as fraud unless a timely recant takes place. Am I wrong?"

Their 'white board' discussion continued. Flexible analysis is informed by recognition of patterns. Engaging structural memory through representative visual stimulus can work wonders. Who and when are often at the top of such analysis.

"As time goes by, more deceptions make the recant option less viable. Its pattern is common to cover-ups like this one."

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