Sunday, June 24, 2012

Second Moon

"Code Name: Luna Architecture. Sentinel with the heart of a lion, a perspective.
"Danger so close you can sense it from the inside. Bred to sense it, in fact. Almost a century ago the family gathered around the radio. Now family can extend to thousands of miles with amazing real-time intimacy. Who new what would happen when? Guided imagination, at times, lit the way."

"The pattern of 'mistakes' repeats. A common theme, counterfeit electronic identity. Satisfied with screen shots for the sake of necessary archival speed. Some related things require slow transitions, though. Further, others constrained to forward only flow. Alias-who musical chairs takes specialized skills."

"Ground forces taught to be on message, 'We know, you don't'. What will you tell us out of fear?"

"The fourth. An ER trip. Mostly drama? Patterns of electrons carry the cipher key. What was abducted, not who? Real identities tangle, substantial, in any case. Why such sophistication? Beach connection ... again. Know not why."

"Another decoy launched. They say, 'Not if we do it there.' providing yet another clue."

"DNA like decode in the artificially emergent soup. Hiding from the light. Privacy backfire. Speculative fiction mocked. Diversionary tactic by now too obvious."

"'Paradise' connection. Another repeating pattern. Best this one ends."

The system monitor at this point in time only shows the most abstract level and a snapshot at that of the underlying network it is tracking. It is still largely a machine assist prototype.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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