Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All His Fault

"How risky would increasing the sensitive disclosure flow be?"

"What happened in recent case of government leaks? Perhaps that could be one guide. Remember her words, 'Lets not escalate, just let go. I did.'", her peculiar pronunciation of the verb and the implication that there was a credible counter to their attempt that night, remained vivid in his mind.

"We have lost all contact with her.", the urgency in their voices, palpable. The implicit threats had been ongoing for months. The classic gas lighting tactic applied.

The connection to the hidden criminal operation supporting the quasi-legal political activity, exposed to dawn's first light. Nocturnal creatures scrambling for protection from the visible radiation. Multiple jurisdictions cooperating beyond what is prescribed in 'the book'?

Many scramble for the attention of those in service to citizens in times of economic blight. How does one prioritize? Hopefully not by what can be funded alone, legitimately or not.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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