Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Authentic List Type

"Associating the word 'authentic' with certain high-profile individuals is easy for most:

"Tensin Gyatso
Betty White
Barack Obama
Warren Buffett
Steve Jobs (RIP, Steve)
Michelle Obama
Bernie Sanders
et al.

"Your list may look a different than mine but I suspect you get my drift. And, of course, many names on my list would not be on yours because you are not acquainted with those persons.

"Facebook calls them friends. Google+ calls the lists circles. And so forth.

So why suggest embellishing these giants of the network industry's concept? We have discussed this elsewhere before and intend to extend the process of discovery and synthesis on the subject into the future.

"It is apparent to a critical mass of thinkers, most of the concepts just presented are no idle speculation. Yet, as we are finding, many critical conceptual elements are as yet unnamed. The need did not arise until the advent of global interactive connectivity that engaged a collective conscious awareness."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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