Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Strong Enough?

Each spoke up in random order while watching the system output. The display showed the falsely appearing 'assault' along with some highly interested parties as abstraction.

"Meaning? The place we have been is full of wonder. Now we know for sure, it can turn to something far less than desirable. For much is recorded there. The constraints of consensus are likely absent as not. Yet one more logical argument for connection."

"I am attempted to not name the dark side in hopes of limiting its power. Part of me says it does not feel right."

"Time and again, jumping in to describe the inside was ill advised. Immersion in a totally unfamiliar 'place', very unpleasant and not particularly informative. Scout needs a home base."

"It's opposite, can be too appealing. The kind that results in addiction."

"Pushed from the inside is a spooky thought. Further, looking for the culprit outside the self can amplify the effect."

"But pulled from beyond the boundary of 'self' illusion to mitigate the vulnerability of isolation? A worthy aspiration on logical grounds.  Yield to compassion."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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