Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pipe Dream?

"... in effect, virtually perfect trusted universal personal identification.

"If you think this is about a biometric you still are not seeing the elephant sitting on the coffe table.

"Ok, I get it. That would be great ... IF it could be done. Anti-gravity for transportation would be cool too. I am not holding my breath."

One's utter frustration with the other, palpable. Systems that are far more complex had been in place for the same purpose and functioning in a manner of speaking on a global scale for essentially the identical purpose. Yet, a bright person across the table refused to consider the opportunity because he shares a broadly-held misperception, 'it cannot be done technically.'

This, of course, is why the massive online game was suggested a while back. Demonstrate feasibility before any major risk is taken. Further, vested interests in the status quo will find it difficult to mount an early counter-offensive.

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