Monday, October 22, 2012

I On Mind

"He then. She now? Anger to fight the fear. Better to dispel the fear, save the anger for when it is really needed. The answer, inside. By the face you will know when home is found and, at last, where it is.

"Too abstract to tell the true story of a person? To quantify the intrinsic value of personhood and use it as a reference, that would be cool. I have a suggestion where to start."

Words, at least alone, cannot adequately describe the network of spacial relationships that comprise a form of beauty. Just as a picture can be to constraining to tell an inspiring story. Robust identity requires them both and probably more. 'Profile' is a label often used to describe a person. It has been popularized by the explosion of 'social media'

How an authentic singular profile is viewed both inside and outside the network is possibly the most important objective of the network's pilot application.

An individual's health records from birth certificate to current age tell a story about the person's earthly vehicle for her/his journey of life until now. Even if the records are something less than perfect, the detail in them serves also to uniquely identify the person over time.

In such medical records, access should be under the control of the person who is described by them. Delegation of access, likewise. Furthermore, as we have pointed out, access and denial IDEALLY would be guaranteed by an entity that has no conflict-of-interest, not even the potential for same.

"Unable to shake the biometric stigma?"

"Is it that obvious?"


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