Monday, October 15, 2012


"Members of a Google+ circle, Facebook 'friends', Apple customer. They all have one (and only one according to the definition) each. I understand you call it, soup."

After describing the altered and confusing situation, he knew that there was a discontinuity to his own thought processes. Struggling for words, he blurted out, "Do you understand my dilemma? Because, I can't say that I do other than to say it feels familiar and strangely different than before."

Not that.
"How is this time different?"

"Beyond allowing that I suspect it is better, I am not ready to say."

Yesterday his friend pointed to a graphic that fit well with the 'soup' hypothesis but was a model for marketing transactions.

It just occurred to him, soup in the context of an identity coop. Further, the emergence concept as it relates to an organization whose building blocks are proxies for 'cooperating' individuals.

"Scary that we have not yet considered the inauthentic at this level."

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