Monday, October 29, 2012

What Does It Mean?

"The assumption is that there is sufficient data accumulated now. If so, robust independent analysis of it would be the next step. Since it is in-the-clear text, there are a lot of tools available.

"Google, for instance, feels more lifelike everyday -- in large part by mimicking biological knowledge generation. Think, "machine aided cognition on steroids." Automating high level functions without being overly encumbered on the front end by slow theoretical development is a huge advantage over past methods of discovery. If it is tested in real-time against a very large user population on a continuous basis, all the better."

"Lets request suggestions from the community then."


Starting with something as simple as word counts and moving toward sophisticated high level interpretation of style, was his thought. It was a safe assumption that much work had already been done in this area. As in the past, their informed speculations would 'tickle' the beast as they watched its response.

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