Sunday, July 31, 2011


"So who wins: arrogance and academic entitlement vs. teamwork and mutual respect?"

At its best, a very human game.
Just back from two very different solicited mind dumps. By way of a little background. The author's MO is to elicit the natural teacher in those who he expects he could learn from. In so doing, avoiding having to put up with academic production lines (it is what some resourceful slackers do after all.)

Starting with team sports. Some of the most memorable games for yours truly were David and Goliath stories. Gonzaga vs. Indiana. Underdogs are popular because we are social creatures, without each other we are, as they say, toast. You too have heard a lot of synergy stories?

The second, and somewhat related, is the story of how a world class industry built in our country has turned into the model of capitalistic corruption. Win in the academic arena and plagiarism becomes privilege for those at the top. Reward this corruption with far more money than the executive can responsibly handle and what do you get. If you are lucky, organized crime with less visible violence to the exploited. And they call it 'care'. Yeah, right.

There is a special class of coward. It is very exclusive. And like a black hole, instances are only visible by their effects. Those who influence but will not debate. That cannot learn from mistakes because they can 'afford it'.

I'll bet I can help your team. I know you can help mine.

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