Wednesday, October 19, 2011


When asked about when the medical/industrial bubble would burst he said, as I recall, "It already has." Those in the room knew he had/has credible background in the field.

Is the economic model for developing safe and effective health solutions in the US broken? Many have drawn the same conclusion as the evidence in this log suggests. One of the key questions we could ask ourselves is whether or not the funding and academic institutions are directing their strengths optimally.

"We can continue to ask how modifying the steering design might fix the flat tire. We could convene experts in the steering and tire fields. I, for one, am not terribly confident that such an effort would bring about the desired outcome, fixing the flat."

In a closed system, blank checks do have strings attached. Many economic models not-calibrated for corruption are likely to mislead. Is it possible to do so? Is there a science of corruption?

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