Saturday, October 1, 2011

Running Silent. Again.

"Echoes will arrive in the next several days. Team members will be on-call for the duration. Be prepared."

Message follows.
Their arrangement in such circumstances amounted to a redundant buddy system. Putting this much at risk was part of the job description. And frankly, she was the right buddy company.

With reduced external stimulus the imagination, especially a cultivated one, has a rich opportunity to discover meaning from the flood of data recorded when "the eyes were open."

One can easily step outside the blinds of denial, even one's own. Seeing the supporting structure of concepts and their similarity to each other. Absent the task of real-time sorting, the constraints of various filters can be considered and evaluated for efficacy and side effects.

Robust dialog without historical parallel suggests a another new horizon. The storm brought abrupt change ... like before. Different each time, bringing a trove of potential insight. Nimble navigation trumps hazard obsession nearly always.

Payed to share successful learning. A noble job climbing out of a troubled time.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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