Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Expression of Heart

"Maybe, just maybe, it is perceived as a mysterious and dangerous movement. 

"If you think I was trouble then ..."
"Think of the implications to its competitors in various 'markets'. Entrenched vendors could view it as a threat to their revenue model. Belief systems threatened by attacks on their exclusion dogma. And so forth.

"A common historical problem, threats to the status quo and its beneficiaries by new entrants. Also a cognition issue, if sufficiently novel - pushed to higher cortical levels that must be available for interpreting, real time sorting and rapid indexing."

Efforts at selling deep concepts to spoiled parties is usually futile. For the few equipped and motivated to go deep, provide handles so that time is not wasted on those who would rather be pursuing a different agenda."

"Aleister, a strange name. I don't think I've have seen that spelling before. The dude was born before my dad, and I am older than dirt."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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