Friday, October 28, 2011

Precious Momentum

Our Land
"Whistle blowing is sometimes a very important tool at the foundation of accountability.  The good corporations (yes, there are some) have provided us with camera phones and conversational networks that have empowered the masses to blow the whistle on the use of force to protect the oppressive from the consequences of their selfish action."

The Nightly News won't show us and we are beginning to understand why. Did you see one of the energy industry's commercials? Or perhaps look at the often-hidden ownership of media outlets?

When the free flow of information is compromised, for any reason, imbalances in ensue. Dictators and plutocrats have an interest in disrupting communications available to the masses. The choke points in the media infrastructure at their disposal are disappearing. It is scaring them and, in some cases, deposing them.

The revolution is being televised, this time by the people. It is changing the world rapidly.  Substantial reason to rejoice for those victimized by the unjust disparity in the distribution of common wealth.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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