Friday, October 14, 2011

Field Trip

"If our plan comes together, we will be meeting at the beach outpost this weekend."

Production values inspired by radio is the central theme. Though the medium has been clearly broadcast oriented, radio was early to the concept of interactive.

Production values in the context of robust global interactive are as new as it gets, especially with regard to the masses. A driver of this improvement is not just expensively educated experts and very deep pockets. The qualification for participation is as simple as having something worthy of communications.

In its prime, broadcast was a revolution because it brought information to a mass audience for the first time. The limitations of the technology made it one way only, outward from a central source. The telephone had already been in wide use but was just one-to-one.

Along its now century long history, radio and phone were combined in a sort of 'mash up' to compete with yet another technology, broadcast television.

Newer technologies are in wide use today. Global connectivity and robust interactivity are becoming the norm. And history hints at how they may be much more significant than just a collection of new features. By virtue of where we once have been ...

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