Monday, October 3, 2011

Nefarious Conflation

"It is a simple concept really. Investing in China does not create American jobs. Giveaways to predatory owners is made worse when no such thing was intended in the first place. Manipulation of perception has been turned into one of our most ugly industries.

"Language as deception should be discouraged. It is inefficient, bad for business in general and bad for the public."

"Entrepreneurial rewards for small business risk is unsustainable. Small business, with few exceptions, do not grow jobs. It is why they are called small. All company's begin small. The ones that grow significant numbers of jobs (and themselves) over time are entrepreneurial, they create something new that is valued by more and more customers.

"Small businesses as job creators is the same foolish notion as rich people are job creators. Neither class is incentivized to create jobs. Keeping labor costs low provides a larger return on investment.

"Cost effective delivery to a new and rapidly growing market - that is job creation. If Occupy Wall Street and its derivatives use their smart mob technology to create effective competition to the selfish few - the economy will grow as injustice fades. We need not wait for Egyptians (and others) to show us how.

"Ask yourself who is behind the distortion of our language and why they do it. Wait to hold them directly accountable. Attempting further conversation with those who chose not to hear is less than wise."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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