Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Interim Summary

"I learn by first detecting then paraphrasing transmitted value.

Strategic Communication
"So many of the principles the team has attempted to articulate can be summed up in a few paragraphs from time to time. Perhaps now is one of those moments.

"This is not the first time change has been in the air. Far from it. But we can clearly see what is new about it. The expanded power of the individual has been fueled by what one author calls, "The graduate with no future." This downturn in the functioning of society includes a lot of folks capable of understanding why. This time, people are armed with skills and unprecedented technology to communicate widely their dissatisfaction with the arbitrarily enforced rules. You are likely reading this on a screen. When else in history could such a statement have been true?

War, dictatorships, oligarchs, plutocrats have many historical precedents as do the dismal conditions of society that result from their rise. But never before have we had the tools and the masses able to put them to work on this ancient cycle. Expect rapid change.

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