Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life in Progress

"Let me see if I understand.

"Interaction with the content occurs before the product is finished.  In a sense, material is never complete, forever dynamic. The production values, on the other hand, are of a quality reminiscent of traditional four color books and, unlike print publishing, highly interactive.

But the content is being updated in real time, Wikepedia on steroids where the subject is in the process of being defined, refined and generally changed for the better as time passes.

"Content creation is a process wholly dependent on communication. Removing the constraints to interactive sharing makes the content better. Dramatically so.

"Read only media cannot, in and of itself, interact with its reader. Dynamic content is not just an incremental change to a timeless distributor of static knowledge.  Only those elements deserving of changeless status will remain so using self-adapting conversational technology."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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