Sunday, January 1, 2012

Seeking Transform

"From this direction, its beautiful."
"... maybe, but it is highly informed. You suggest it is wishful and I, to some extent, agree. The data suggests to me that the functionality already exists. I am guessing, it is not finished and we would benefit from its completion.

"Ambitions are often borne in part of concepts not yet available to our conscious awareness."

Designing the experiment that makes sense of the breakthrough data takes time. Trying to communicate a shared intuition challenges the very notion of sharing concepts when tools for the medium are inadequate. We muddle along somehow and continue to surprise ourselves.

"We better hurry up before the professor arrives and corrects our semantic errors on what he thinks we mean."

She grinned. They both appreciated his input but found his language correctness rigor stifling at times like these. "As if the famous constant is a baseline rather than a limit?"

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