Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Operation Deep Frame

Worth recovering.

"Signals of the acknowledgment pattern have been received and entered in the log without comment. Accordingly, I suspect we may precede with the next phase of Operation Deep Frame. Comments?"

The 'nation's interest' is the working handle. Would it be sufficient to carry the project into beta testing? Saber rattling in the usual place suggested that the team be particularly vigilant with regard to perception decoys. The Deception Machine's newly discovered weakness, inability to deal with a critical mass of 'fronts'.

Targets for organized deception have a necessarily narrow angle of acceptance. Chain emails are an example. They rely heavily on quick distribution sans vetting. When ignored, they just become part of the background noise.

I won't say it often, because it is generally true of this log, underlined text is almost always hyperlinked text. Click it.

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