Sunday, January 15, 2012

Misfit Prodigy

Sentients arrogantly constrained.

"The study of implicit communications. Especially the kind less or not understood by conscious awareness. The misnomer "disorder" is often applied to outliers with high productive potential.

"Negligence is particularly cruel when such opportunity is suppressed. It is much easier to grasp injustice when someone gets stupid drunk and abuses their own child than when we as a society adopt deplorable practices as a result of our collective jealousy?"

The editing history of each log entry contains identifying information. It authenticates its author to some degree. This aspect of authenticity gets more interesting as we move on to other communication modalities.  Ego, as herein defined, is understandably threatened by the fluid nature of message preparation.

That is unless there is a fusing with other parties to the dialog as a integral part of the conversation. Creativity thrives in such environments. Management becomes an object to the process rather than its subject. Some call it collaboration.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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