Saturday, January 14, 2012

Screen Play

"I live in a town with a director of that caliber."

"You live in a town with producers of that caliber."

"Meaning what then, ace?"

"People do not want to hear it from somebody they know. Who likes the 'know it all' in the gang?

"Imagination would not be in such high demand unless it were illegal."

Dancing just outside plausibility is a sort of fertilizer. Disarmed by laughter, one can reach past motes of fear. Though 'truth suppression' is the subject, humor is more effective than whining for illumination.

"Its medicinal. Trust me."
"On its surface, it seems a reasonable activity. Folks proud of their 'education' and so forth opine that the unwashed majority are not bright enough to see the world belongs to the well-funded truth suppressors and then head to the golf course."

"Complex recursions are fraught with risk."

"And often - after some time passes - very funny."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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