Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To your health, iPhone.

With the right probe plugged into the appropriate port on an iPhone and a free or very inexpensive app, you can do professional pulse oximetry at extremely low cost. Private health-care predator permitting, of course.

The many advantages of having such a powerful miniature computer that communicates with the rest of the world should be evident. Uploading personal medical data (via cell data, wi-fi etc.) is just one of them.

It should be noted that the trend to a universal mobile processing platform (a smartphone like the iPhone) is threatening to expensive dedicated medical device companies who now dominate technology development in the medical field.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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