Thursday, July 28, 2011

Competitive Analysis

"It is apparent that the list of what we don't know may be even more important than what we do know.

"Lets get started. Consider the following ordered list. It, coincidentally, is in the reverse chronological  order to the research presented in this log."

1) Instance of potential nation-state external override.
2) Mechanism of override.
3) Emerging counter-strategy.

Change Game
The company cited in 1) operates globally and is therefore subject to a variety of jurisdictions. Links have been established and documented in this log showing that the existing system has the capability to cater to the 'highest bidder' with respect to technologies pivotal to nation-state and transnational security.

Heretofore time tested methods of achieving global security implemented by the planet's most powerful nation-states are now being overridden (2) by a pattern of 'global liberty'. Competition between nation-states, big and small, have created the soil from which a new world power has arisen.

We are now seeing a logical countermeasure (3) to the unchecked power now threatening the self corrective aspect of organizational supply and demand on the world stage.

The echo of the Arab Spring, among other things, indicates that the willful suppression of international free conversation is far more vigorous than had been assumed. While we can point to the usual suspects for repressing dialog, we can now also see that hidden powers rely heavily on covert disruption of common dialog on certain subjects.

This leads one to speculate about how distorted the models are that do not take into consideration the motivation and powerful influence of a few. Sadly, most models do not, and in fact cannot, include data that by design is not available. 

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