Monday, August 6, 2012

Are We There Yet?

"A range from non-recognition to super recognition - How time modulates trust at the identity abstraction level?"

"That is pretty technical. What does it mean?"

Face Recognition (Music)
"I ask that way as a first attempt to try and understand how to best utilize patterns to quickly filter analytical flow. Consider an example.

"A learning behavior pattern where the student is discovering the generic value of predictive selection. A key to success is to generalize seeking truth beyond personal preference. 'I like what I am hearing so I will not look any further. On second thought, what I want to be true may not actually be so.'"

Authentic external personal identity is highly abstract and anything but static. Character is slow changing as compared to mood. Further, both impact pro-active and re-active reponses to situations. As a person individuates this function, as much as any other, is critical.

"Let me do it. I have the right to make mistakes ...'

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