Monday, August 20, 2012

Secret Cyber War?

"While you are at it, you might ask how certain readers avoid being detected by Google Analytics.

"Thinking along the lines of IP initial ownership, creator(s) legally own the idea at inception. They have the right to keep the idea private until such time as that ownership is protected."

"So, you are thinking individuals (creators) are in large part, their ideas?" Her question piqued his interest more than most.

The essence of an authentic personal identity is that person's evolving view. Capturing it provides the best possible identity verification.? 'That is not quite it', he thought.


If an identity system is doing more 'to' you rather than 'for' you, your suspicion is likely justified. The idea is to provide an entity that is almost entirely 'for, you. Meaning accountable to you in all legal respects.

To make such an arrangement economically viable ...

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