Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Story Too Long

"In effect, the rule of law unless you have sufficient resources to override (with power and/or property)?"

"When put that way, this whole matter is pretty disgusting. But that statement does not adequately describe the circumstances."

"Like the opposition's MESSAGE, it fits in the space available."

Perhaps we should consider a different medium then.


"A jury of their peers instructed to disregard attempts to secretly manipulate emotions. It may have worked. Those folks able and willing to work for the long-term good seemed to have set the stage just so on this one. Make ownership better. Know what 'better' is in this context."

Nefarious ownership is the type that creates trouble where it should not. Owning something should not mean owning somebody. So the contemporary argument is simply with so much more than anyone needs, why should a population tolerate exploitation?

Cosmic ownership is a type that promotes a better society. It is not in conflict with incentive mechanisms (like intellectual property, or a limited liability business).

There is a body of thought that subscribes to this inventive, compassionate and highly organized theme. Even in the ancient world, examples abound.

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