Friday, August 10, 2012

Alert Code

"Codeword received. Reacting accordingly."

The updated protocol treated it as a high priority early warning. Just like 'escalation' before it, the association was strong enough that waiting for deep clarification was overridden.

Because it could be a drill, the meeting routine continued unabated. Piggybacking on their research was expected. Even this element of wronged entitlement co-mingling with a standard covert special forces tactic ('the other side does it').

She was inside and then mysteriously and meticulously planned and executed an escape plan. It was only recently discovered that some of the covert preparation extended back as much as two years. This preceded the checks and balances whose purpose was to detect suspicious internal activity.

"Taking a break to walk the dog." All knew this sentence had multiple meanings but the nuance of the individuals' interpretations was extraordinary (as discussed a short while ago.)

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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