Sunday, August 19, 2012

Property Owners and Abuse

"The idea just popped into my head, intellectual property eminent domain. So I immediately googled it. To my pleasant surprise, there were a few interesting hits right at the top of the results page."

"We have talked about it in general on several occasions as the log clearly indicates. The intellectual property concept as a pilot is a bit new however."

"What comes to light when Authentic Personal Identity and Intellectual Property are considered together? Perhaps a sometimes elusive 'Tent Pole'?. Her connection had not occurred to him. Yet it sounded natural as she articulated it.

"Follow me for a moment. Characters are the idenities. Tent Poles are the abstract descriptions of meaning between them. Does it make any sense?" The puzzled look said as much as her words.

"Just taking a brief look at the Fifth Amendment brought up a particularly claifying perspective on the issue at hand. Ambiguity in the US Constitution is frequent and intentional (meant to be interpreted). This fact is especially meaningful in resolving what could be called, fair ownership. Invention is not new. Inventions, by definition are. In some measure, each of us is inventing our idenitity each moment of our life."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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