Friday, August 31, 2012

Dog Therapist

Luna, Dog Therapist, PhD
(Dog of Philosophy)
Specialty - Human Family Therapy.

"She is what we have in common. The therapist is personally authentic to a very high degree. Our family trusts her implicitly.

"You might reasonably ask, what about those annoying things? I say, price of admission. A little poop here, unsolicited help with the laundry there, barking at the gorgeous mooch of a neighborhood cat ... Ok I might run out of space ...

"Where was I?"

Her thesis was, "Through the Eyes of a Cosmic Dog." or some such thing. Not only was it in Luna-ease, her eyes don't point in the same direction like mere humans. For fans of human vision, depth from field of view as opposed to human's non-linear depth perception.

"Stay tuned for the further adventures of Luna, Dog Therapist."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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