Wednesday, August 1, 2012


"In a little over four weeks, we will know much more than we do now.

"The corrupting influence of unearned income may have finally peaked. By extension, challenged, humans become something less? Without competition the immune system tends to attack itself."

Many troubling thoughts cascaded through his mind, all with a common theme: A mission oblivious to context and the passage of time.

"Mission is to escape ('we all need to get away, sometimes'). Then another ('run of bad luck'). Isolation is misery but it seems safe ('denial is better than the alternative'). Others are afraid too. Recruit them. Acting as a unit and unencumbered with a sense of social responsibility - 'greed breeds'."

With the first test such a short time away, the tension palpable. If one has to ask "Am I ready?", the answer is very likely no. Conscious awareness alone simply does not have the capacity. Mind globally engaged, a different story.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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