Thursday, September 20, 2012


"Truth is what you can get other people to believe it is?"

"Perhaps that is not the most elegant way to say it. Those words are best spoken behind closed doors. Perception is a proven tool for the deserving when applied to those who need to be led."

The incredulous look on their faces said it all, how is it that so many rationalized manipulations can be expressed in just two sentences?

Classic 'messaging' in the advertising sense can be put to use in just this way. The weakness just described has created a small but rapidly-growing market for a new paradigm, authentic conversation.

One could reasonably argue, the model for profits based on inclusive authenticity has already been demonstrated. The idea that profits are in lieu of compassion or vice-versa has been debunked in some sense by the enormous business success of companies directly appealing to individual's interests over the those of organizations.

"A Cook, Zuck, Page thing?"

"Shh. The disruptors are watching.", she whispered jokingly.

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