Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Existential Threat

"According to this line of thought, the largest threat to US interests could be interpreted as internal?"

"I am not sure I would use those words. The US is most vulnerable to manipulation of its existing institutions, public and private. Most of who we are talking about have substantial operations within US borders, so-to-speak."

It is a classic instance of malignancy. Whether the seeds of Rome's decline or cancer, a variation on DNA. Think about it.

Now, give this some thought. War has been thought of as the option of last resort. Destroy, annihilate, obliterate the enemy. Whether it is uncontrolled growth of cells or something that destroys life at the groups of organisms level, extreme threats provoke extreme responses. Combat is the order of the day.

But we 'know' there is another option. Its kind of built-in. The species would not have survived if this were not so. Lady bugs aren't extreme, just effective. Still guessing?

"Just because it is not patentable doesn't mean it is not useful. Just more difficult to fund when selfish dominates."

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