Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inside Job

Cars and Hacking
"Identity theft by insiders is a completely different problem than outsider theft. Usually more complex and harder to prevent, also. Hackerville, VPN's ... the usual suspects.

"Who has an interest in catching the folks who might be internationally deployed for small transactions the value of which is disruption rather than cash directly from the victim?"

"Can you say, 'conspiracy theory'", she did not really contain her grin completely. Some of the others started to giggle.

"The other side does it!" laughing more pronounced.

"Mistakes were made." That did it, there was not a serious face left. The real fools may just be the ones who pushed 'they are stupid' way too far.

The comments served to punctuate the pattern, obfuscation vs. insightful humor (asymmetrical contest). Pundits opined after the first sentence, as is there want. They know how important quick expected opinions or their extreme opposite are to survival. To much supply not enough demand.

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