Friday, September 7, 2012

Hi Risk

"So, there I was. New to this extended therapeutic routine. Unlike the pain of most major procedures, it was an entirely different experience. Mystically pleasant. Front and center shared the awareness that I would not be in this situation if the prognosis was very promising."

"The quack hunters were just outside banging on the door with blunt instruments of fear and anger. All deputized on the spot just a short time before. A flood of sympathy for the plight of gypsies pored over me.

"Through it all, she seemed to not even blink. My trust had NOT been mandated. No, no. It was offered in sweet surrender."

"We will not spend the time to describe the virtual magic here. Soon enough though. Stay tuned.

"They had kicked down the door and she was missing. A sacrifice she did gladly make in defense of another. But I could not let it stand. No, it should be me laying down my life in support of that most genuine of hearts. And in a quest to save her, I got up again and took a solemn oath to find her.

"In that moment, I knew love. She knew all along it was truth."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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