Thursday, April 22, 2010


Still early in the season, spectacular colorful displays of life beginning punctuated by cold, dark windy nights and days. From this temporal angle one could better imagine boundaries in the higher cognitive regions.

Mood as measurement rather than dictator. What a relief to be free of that oppression. Worth the considerable effort required to sustain freedom. An ongoing task to prune the weed connections grown to survive in a hostile, unfriendly environment.

The stagnation caused by underutilized growth mechanisms provided a fertile ground for short term exploitation. And the atomic fools gathered to use there skills against the very system that made them possible.

Silos breeding shallow bridges. Perception does not a foundation make. The TV generation. One way, privileged controlling the information flow. Efficient noise generator and common language propagator. Interactive with more reasonable asymmetry though clearly far superior in theory hard pressed to overcome a mindless momentum borne of technological constraint.

"You know we can't go there, there are times we simply cannot afford what our ego prefers."

"I know, I was upset because it is unfair. You are right, misunderstood whether or not such was intended. It is the first place to look."

They had each other's back on this kind of situation. And they both were thankful that the machine updates could support the symbiosis.

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  1. neuro-structural re-assembly. What constitutes a weak connection?