Sunday, April 3, 2011

What People Want?

"Doogle. Fetch. Lets find out what people think when having a look at this." She pointed to the large screen and stepped away so that everyone could see. News volume up dramatically, Why?

News volume up, dramatically, Why?
"One word, so vividly linked to one time.

"The timing of the step function in news volume suggests it was a result of a concerted effort? It seems reasonable that we should look for a more detailed explanation of how these numbers were calculated. Is news in this case what the market wanted? Or does the explanation go deeper?"

Ever since they started storyboarding the process, a sort of rhythm developed. He wondered about the elements feeding into it. Seeing these downward dips at the end of each calendar year in Google Trend graphs generated the same visceral response (one suspects it is the holiday season.)  He often referred to it in his mind's eye as 'the dance'. He scribbled down a note for the next time he had a chance to get interactive with the sound designer.

Its no secret, flow is appealing. When it is a result, at least in part of design, it feels like magic. As if a temporary bridge transcends a mighty chasm. Even as they were approaching magic-on-demand, the awe at such times was increasing. How can that be?

How do you pronounce, Koch?
A better question -- why have we allowed ourselves to be led to believe that free will is rare, dangerous and only for the entitled? Is it because of the consequences when it goes awry? If it was or is a plan, whose is it? And so forth.

When the competition is hard at work, what are they doing? Can we tell without eavesdropping? Yes, much more than we had assumed just a short while ago.

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