Monday, January 3, 2011


"New ingredients for the soup, then. Or rather their conscious discovery. The walls of the vertical columns define their constraints more than their load bearing capacity. Gravity, the great differentiator. Those who surf its many facets defy singularity(s)."

The ladder will lead us higher but not necessarily better. Gravity masters have high perches. The good news, great view.  The bad news, a long way to fall.

Stability relies on structure more closely aligned with the horizon. Friendly is the new affluent.

"If gravity alone defines us, is time our enemy? Are you suggesting an electro-magnetic bridge spans the divide between object of conception and the center?"

"Well, I wasn't but what a great question. Distortion in the space-time continuum as a description rather than a comment on morality?"

"Touche.", her grin confirmed much more than was explicit.

"What can I say over the next bit of time to keep you engaged (for that is my goal)?  It is a question for me, not you. The subject matter, by design, is nothing you would consciously expect. You may be here because someone said, 'Just go - discover for yourself.'  If that is your story, it pleases me.

"Driven to write, without a purpose I can confidently express. Because, for me, that confidence seems modulated by ego more than I would like. So if there is a satisfactory 'answer' of sorts you will pry it out of this public dumpster and if it pleases you, you will find a way to let me know.

"Allegorically, not because it was the only method but, at the time, seemed best."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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