Sunday, September 11, 2011


"Authentic spin?  It seems a contradiction in terms but I think I know what you mean. Rather than classifying all spin as deception, regard it as a range of values that includes authenticity and near authentic data points.

"Begs the question, how exactly do we define authentic for this purpose?"

"Nominal authenticity best exemplified by a consensus mechanism?"

Most in the room would claim some variation on 'are we chasing our tail?' Yet something related had to be at the very heart of what they were trying to accomplish. Identity is not just arbitrary. Who defines what authentic identity means in any context?

"Are we not talking about trust, mutual trust?

"Dynamic tessellation - the size of each tile changes slowly while the actual shape is only constrained by its context. Given a mutually friendly context, a given tile can have a very large perimeter. One might think of some Origami properties."

Test concept with minimum total nodes to confirm applicability of the topology. Will more than two diminsions (plus time) be required?

© 2011 Buzz Hill


  1. Perhaps "32 points of consciousness" that all arise (and all dissolve) simultaneously?

  2. One can hope that you would elaborate for us, Brad.