Sunday, September 18, 2011

Call it what?

"If classic messaging is insufficient and shared productive conversation is the antidote to organized deception, what else should be in the mix to get traction?"

"Traction of what? Naming this enterprise has been frustrating. Friendly is descriptive but has been successfully branded as trivial. Nice ... same thing. Good ... don't get me started."

"We have code-named the effort AltruCorp. Scaling friendliness has proven a challenge to a few of the best of the world's companies. Our research has shown how naming or at least creating a convenient handle to generic building blocks can act as a catalyst to the synthetic process."

Sometimes the best meme propagation is implicit by strategic design. It is the rationale on which we base this project.

"He was angry. Are you angry?"

"No. What was he angry about?"

"I am not sure. It has happened before. Some people seem to be disturbed that something purported to be authentic is indirect?"

"The ongoing malware attempt suggests a concerted effort to find private information and/or disrupt the mission. Is it time to get iBank involved?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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