Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Follow Through

Go to guy - one who is being ignored.
"The campaign to defeat Deception has begun. It is the critical path to governance in our country now. Thank you, Mr. President.

"Make no mistake, sustained follow through is mandatory. The winning set shot does not finish until the ball leaves the hand completely."

In this case, campaigning is governing. When those charged with governing by the people who hired them ignore their interests, it is time to find replacements. It is called an election, Prudence.

The round ball metaphor apropos because life in the USA is a team game as all successful human endeavor is.

Shout down deception if that is the only way to stop it. But try other things first. Attempting to engage a troll is a waste of energy and spirit. Same for an obedient minion. Find those who want to have a visible productive conversation and build a critical mass. Efficiencies are on the side of the authentic.

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