Sunday, September 18, 2011


"Strong evidence that MacBook Pro running 10.6.8 has been breached. Seems to involve networking (both Safari and Chrome browsers affected.) and Time Machine. Console log showing a number of suspicious messages.

"May need to update this log from another machine temporarily so as to allow sufficient time for collecting more evidence and clues."


Counterfeit Walmart scam has been documented. Given the number of attempts of web based malware, it may be only coincidental.

Using either Safari or Chrome certain url's cease to function bringing up the default page. Using another Mac on the same wireless router (connected to FIOS) the same URLS do function. As I write this I am at the Washington Square Apple Store and have not, as yet, been able to duplicate what was happening at home frequently.

Console log has been uploaded to a secure location in the cloud. Not letting the suspect MacBook Pro out of my site just yet. Learned the missing system disks for it are in a gray box.  May be a bit of serendipity that I could not find them last night.

Use finder to discover recently created and/or modified files?

Back home. Running Lion in second partition.

"Nice try, Mr. Deception. Your guys were a bit sloppy this time around. If you want to stay in the game, much less dominate, time to clean house. That cell phone camera is getting the job done for your opposition. Wear a sack over your head?"

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