Friday, September 23, 2011


[Over the editing life of this post it is likely to become less cryptic. No guarantees, Prudence.]

"Enrolled in 'We The People'.  This effort will culminate in the official launch of our mission. The two thresholds for participation will be disclosed soon.

Solution = REAL People
"For the past two years the concepts behind the mission have been documented in this log.

"You will understand, if you have been frequenting the log, that timely submission of your ideas are critical to achieving the momentum required. A reminder, the link of such thoughts to your personal identity will be assured if you choose it to be so and appropriate privacy will be at your discretion."

Business is short hand for stepping on somebody. What a crock. You will run out of 'step-ees'.

"All the positive messages have been trivialized or discredited? Surely not all. Messaging is 'funny' that way. Think, 'if it bleeds, it leads'." and the current state of newspaper publishing. Someone tell Rupert ... Ok, someone else tell Rupert."

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