Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Every Other

Not as fragile as it appears.
Arriving on time to this meeting every other week, a rare occurrence. Wandering expectations too high? From one point of view, yes. From yet another, no way.

The weave for the rest of day included certain ramifications of authority - just the right kick off."

"Administrative coping masquerading as intellectual bravado. What a crock. Its not my fault that your field is corrupt. Did you think by studying hard you would get to escape the hard work of being human?

"I am not inclined to hold your hand when you are rationalizing your fear-driven self-serving behavior. I want to as practicing compassion has served me well of late. But rubber-stamping defensive aggression is not making your life, my life or anyone else's better. So, no. Simply, no."

Instead I am inclined to share today's executive summary in a forum with a great track record, at least with me. From it, I have a reasonable expectation of a satisfying outcome. Eat your heart out.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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