Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Launch Code Received

"Just a few days ago we asked for confirmation.

"Some would hope the wait has been long enough to unleash the full fury of INFORMED public opinion. From a practical standpoint, do arbitrary superlatives cloud the subtle opportunity and challenge?" 

"The message was received today at 5:57 pm PDT at our west coast outpost. It is hereby acknowledged. How selective was the intended audience?"

Meanwhile, was the Rancho Mirage 'leak' timing planned? Since many related subjects are not as they appear, it seems reasonable to ask who might be behind such disclosures and whether or not they are cleverly misleading.

We have discussed the concept behind reputation.com.  What if one's budget is very large? What might be possible? Would it not be convenient for certain folk that most others either believe what they read in the manipulated medium or just quit accessing it (in effect, turning it off). Who owns the channel? How did they acquire such ownership?

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