Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

"What happened today on less than 24 hours notice could be the clarion call to stop tolerating such a high level cynicism in seemingly complex systems as they relate to our project.

"I call to your attention two stories that serve to illustrate the disparity between popular perception and the underlying reality.

"First is the extra effort required to break through a mind-numbing routine.

"Go to the organization that, by all measures, is the very best at delivering sustainable value to a very large global base. Be compassionate but firm if the shared message is worthy.

"Then follow up."

"The second is the wake up call to both the 'critisizer' and the 'critisizee'."

'Do the math.' Simple three word response to an overused two word phrase, 'class warfare' that speaks to current substance. When spoken in a unified way by a large enough constituency, non-lnear amplification occurs. And too, refutes related talking points pounded mindlessly by a subservient unidirectional media.

The answers are hiding in plain site. Knowing where and when to look takes practice and commitment. Help is available. One has to but ask.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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