Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tide Begins to Recede?

Go west, young man.
"Can you say, 'land locked'?"

"Empty rhetoric is a sign that the competition is losing some confidence. Does anyone really think that advocating more environmental disaster by going west is that strong a card to play?"

"No one would advocate, even indirectly, to keep the Middle East in turmoil for financial gain, would they?"

Feeling almost numb to absurdity? Try a productive conversation visible to the web. Know that organized vandals will be attracted like flies. When they appear, start disclosing the classic profile of these disruptors to the others in the conversation and watch how the disruptors fade quickly. Some will actually engage. When they do, ask the right questions and they too will disappear.

Meanwhile it is important to spread the word that the politically-motivated interactive communications plague has met its anti-dote. Many potential allies are skeptics made so by the previous success of the sponsored sabotage.

Understand the term, authentic in this context. Then watch as the new dawn unfolds.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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