Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gig with Bad Guys

Trust NOT
"Admittedly my sample is small. But it is significant. It appears that most jobs are for predatory organizations with a disdain for common decency and the law. To acquiesce to these types of employers will make the problems we have even worse over the medium to long hall.

"Allowing them to continue their ways is an endorsement of 'predatory entitlement'.

"Industries as predatory is not my point. A style of operating which is reliant on deception, losers and the like is. By design, the framework of the status quo makes it difficult to differentiate predatory from non-predatory. Nice, friendly and related adjectives are devalued to insignificance . And yet they are at the core of the non-predatory world."

Since when should 'skilled' be conflated with 'obedient'? Top-down, moral inflexibility and directed 'workers' are more like machines than humans. Being humane is the skill most in need. Those that won't control of the workforce are the one most afraid that humane will be the skill rewarded. Even thinking about this simple concept has been confused by intentional disruption.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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